Author: George De Martini

So You Want a Standard Poodle

Some people take one look at the fluffy, immaculately groomed Standard Poodles in the show ring and discount them as silly, shallow dogs. However, the Standard Poodle is considered by many people to be the most intelligent breed in the world, with the reasoning ability of a three-year-old child. These dogs may look like lightweights in the show ring, but they were originally bred to work hard in the water. The Standard Poodle spent hours retrieving waterfowl for hunters and the breed’s dense coat helped protect it from the cold, damp working conditions. Because the breed is not commonly...

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A Look at the Saint Bernard

More than one traveler stranded in the snowy Swiss Alps owes the ponderous Saint Bernard his life. Monks in the Alps actually developed this massive dog to be used as a rescue dog. The Saint Bernard breed is quite an old one, going back as far as the 1700s. The American Kennel Club places the Saint Bernard in the Working Group. These big dogs weigh from one hundred twenty to two hundred pounds and stand twenty-six to twenty-eight inches tall. This breed can be short haired or it can have a long haired coat. Originally, all Saint Bernards had...

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How To Stop Your Dog Chewing

A dog can have very powerful jaw muscles, normally intended for chewing through bones. Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s all your dog did chew? One of the most common types of bad behavior from dogs is when they chew on something that they shouldn’t. The tendency to chew will vary from dog to dog and breed to breed. The need to chew things usually starts off when the dog is a puppy. Most dogs grow out of this but some take the chewing habit into adulthood. How To Stop Your Dog Chewing The first thing to remember when...

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Is a Cocker Spaniel Right for You?

The Cocker Spaniel is such a pretty, graceful dog in the show ring that it is hard to imagine that this breed was developed to be a working dog. However, before Cocker Spaniels were bred for their long, flowing coats, these bouncy little dogs were developed to be able to work tirelessly alongside hunters and sportsmen. Today, the spunky little Cocker has few of its former hunting instincts. Instead, this breed has become popular as a family pet. Cocker Spaniels are small dogs and weigh in at twenty-four to twenty-nine pounds. They stand fifteen to sixteen inches tall. This...

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How to Find A Good Dog Trainer

Finding A Good Dog Trainer One of the main problems when starting a behavior training routine with your dog is finding the time. Training your dog is not something that you can do a bit here and a bit there. A rigorous schedule is needed to keep your dog on a steep learning curve. For many people, this is just not possible with work commitments etc. This is where a professional dog trainer can step in. As with most professions, the cost involved and the quality of the end product vary wildly. This should be the first thing you...

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