Dog games are a great way for dog and owner to bond, also every dog needs a good amount of exercise on a daily basis.

Dog games and exercise, help regulate their appetite, control weight, and is vital to their mental health. Left to her own devices, your dog will probably find ways to give her mind, body, and teeth a workout, but you might not be happy with the results. A bored dog is a destructive dog. You can channel your dog’s energies in the right direction by providing appropriate toys as well as actively participating in exercising her.

Games That Will Exercise Your Dog

When it comes to exercising your pet or playing dog games with her, quantity is as important as quality. A 15-minute round of fetch is nice, but not nearly enough physical exercise or time bonding with you. Plan a walk or jog through your neighborhood daily. Since dogs are creatures of habit, scheduling your outing at the same time each day will give her something to look forward to. You can also use this “special time” to explore a new area of town or visit an off-leash dog park where your canine companion can make some new pooch pals. A change of scenery-and in your dog’s case, “scenery”-keeps things interesting.

Labrador-RetrieversDog Games With a Sporting Element

Another way to exercise your dog’s body and mind is by taking part in sporty dog games. Frisbee tricks, fly ball, and agility are some dog games gaining in popularity. Most dog lovers have seen Frisbee competitions on television or in live demonstrations. A human, usually the dog’s owner, tosses a Frisbee and the pooch leaps and twists in mid-air to catch it on the fly. The owner usually trains the dog to perform a choreographed routine that is breathtaking for spectators and just a lot of fun for the human/canine team. Why not give it a try and treat your dog to a brand new Frisbee?

Fly ball Dog Game

Fly ball is a team relay dog game. Each of the four dogs on a team takes turns racing down a course, leaping over hurdles along the way. At the end of the course, the dog triggers a spring-loaded box that pops a tennis ball into the air. The dog catches the ball and races back over the hurdles. Once the dog has crossed the finish line, the next dog on her team takes off. The winning team is the one that scores the best time with the fewest errors. The goal in the dog sport of agility is to run an obstacle course in the shortest amount of time. Unlike in fly ball, the dog’s owner runs alongside the dog directing her to the next obstacle.

Agility dogs must focus on their owner’s directions while trying to maneuver through pipe tunnels, over seesaws, across narrow planks, and over various jumps. These physical competitions give any dog a good workout and require training that keeps her mind sharp.

Be sure to give your dog toys to keep her mind and mouth busy while you are away from home. Pet supply stores have an amazing array of chew toys and dog “puzzles”. These are hollow cubes or balls into which you place small pieces of treats. Your dog will be able to smell the treats inside and must figure out a way to get to them. Usually, this requires nosing and rolling the puzzle until a treat falls out of one of many small openings. The treat rewards the dog’s effort and encourages her to continue solving the puzzle using her mind and body.

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How to find best games for your Dog
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How to find best games for your Dog
Dog games are a great way for dog and owner to bond, also every dog needs a good amount of exercise on a daily basis.
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